5 Tips For Dealing With Noisy Neighbours

Tuesday Jul 13th, 2021


Are your neighbours getting under your skin with deafening music or raging parties? Maybe they are so loud that it causes the dog across the hall to bark for hours on end. Whether you’re dealing with a rowdy couple or party people, noisy neighbors can quickly become a nuisance. Here are five tips for dealing with this unfortunate situation.

  1. Talk It Out

In some cases, people may not realize how loud they actually are. Maybe they are a budding musician or a large family with many young children. Strike up a friendly conversation next time you see them, or knock on their door, and ask if they have a few minutes to discuss their volume. Be polite and respectful, but be sure to mention specific incidents. If you are unsure or uncomfortable about talking in person, send a polite note and sign it “from your neighbors.”

  1. Suggest a Compromise

After you’ve reached out, whether in a conversation or friendly note, and nothing has changed, it may be time for a compromise. Write another note or strike up another friendly conversation. Nicely suggest that they  keep the noise levels low, at least past certain hours of the day, and remind them of any ordinances or curfews. Rather than telling them what to do, or allowing them to perceive a conversation that way, a compromise may yield much better results.

  1. Document the Offenses

If your neighbors continue to disturb you and others in the community, a conversation or compromise may not be enough. In addition to the list you’ve compiled when you spoke with them, keep a constant record of the noises you are hearing, whether they be music or yelling. Also, keep a record of how long each instance lasts. If possible, record with your phone so you have proof of just how loud or obnoxious the noise is when inyour own home. Collect enough evidence before bringing the issue to the attention of a higher power, such as a landlord, property manager or police.

  1. Contact Your Landlord or Property Management

Whether you live in a rental unit,  or own your condo, it may be time to contact a person in charge. With your compiled evidence and documentation of occurrences, bring all you have to your landlord, property manager. It is in their best interest to provide a safe and comfortable home for their tenants and community. Send them a note, give them a call or arrange a meeting and bring these issues to their attention. If others in the community or neighborhood are in agreement, be sure to invite them along.

    1. File a Noise Complaint

If none of the above work and your neighbors are still causing major disruption, filing a noise complaint to your local authorities office may just be your best bet. Remember, this should always be a last resort when dealing with noisy neighbors and should only be used when other methods have failed to change their behavior. A warning will most likely be issued to your neighbors at first. After a warning, police may give your neighbor a ticket for disturbing the peace and review any and all local noise ordinances. 


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